Poppy Cat tells us a story at Nickelodeon Land Blackpool

Last week we visited Nickelodeon Land to celebrate Poppy Cat Month! Poppy Cat will be appearing every day with her ‘copy Poppy’ dance routine, story time with Poppy in the Nickelodeon shop, a group participation ‘Fitness Forest show’ and the opportunity to have your picture taken with Poppy at the Meet & Greet stage. We caught up with Poppy Cat as she took to the Meet and Greet stage with some of her helpers for a fabulous story time.
It was a quiet day but the children all around soon stopped what they were doing to listen to the story and were mesmerised as Poppy Cat and her helpers acted out the scenes from the story. After the story the children got to have a cuddle and a photo with Poppy Cat which Alison loved.
Nickelodeon land is also home to some other cool characters and Alison really enjoyed meeting Donatello and Michelangelo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
We always enjoy Nickelodeon land (and Blackpool pleasure beach in general) as it has a fantastic array of rides that are suitable for all ages. We always enjoy the Dora ride and the blue roller coaster and we always have to go on them at least twice!
We were lucky enough to be given all you can eat wristbands for the day which was great as we were able to get food as soon as we arrived. The wristbands are great value but more restrictive that others of their kind and you cant use them for things like donuts and ice cream. Out of the restaurants that you are able to use the bands in you have to choose from a set menu which although a small selection still catered for everyone. We were disappointed to find two of the restaurants listed closed for the day and the fact that we couldnt just get a drink and had to get a whole meal seemed like a bit of a waste. I would like to see the wristbands include more snack type items rather than large meals as when you go round a theme park you dont really want to sit down and eat a meal.

All in all we had a great time and look forward to going back again soon. We really enjoyed spending some time with Poppy Cat as well as going on all the rides and we were very lucky with the weather and even had to get the sun cream out at one point!

Nickelodeon Land is a must go theme park for young children and Poppy Cat fans should make sure they catch up with her this month to join in the planned activities for lots of Poppy Cat fun!