Food and Drink Gift Guide

Christmas for me is all about the food and drink and I personally think you can not go wrong if you buy a gift someone can consume. With that in mind I pulled together some great gift ideas for Christmas.


Although I am not vegan (I am dairy free) I find that buying a food gift that is vegan will mean that it is more versatile as a gift and can be given to most people.

This Spice Pots Vegan Curry Kit is an absolutely stunning gift as each of the spice containers are cute metal tins that look good, keep the spices fresh and they all smell delicious. 100% natural, Gluten free and sugar free each tin makes at least two family meals and they come with fabulous recipe ideas.

Last year I was introduced to Oggs vegan mince pies and they were an absolute revelation. Oggs show that you can create delicious vegan sweet treats without compromising on flavour or texture. This Oggs chocolate celebration cake looked and tasted amazing.

I love making my own hot chocolate using one of these types of hot chocolate spoons but I haven’t been able to do that since my dairy intolerance. Thankfully Mummy Meags have come to the rescue with the What’s O-Stirring Luxury Hot Chocolate Stirrer with Marshmallows.


If you are looking for a great looking gin gift set featuring gins that they have probably not tried before then The Little Gin Company has exactly what you need. This Trailer Made gin Happy Hour set comes with two gins and mixers and a postcard featuring the tasting notes and the recommended serving suggestion. The great thing is you can choose which gins to include out of a choice of four.

My husband loves trying new ales so this selection from the Fallen Brewery was perfect for him. With a great variety of tastes and ale types it really tested out the full spectrum of flavours. Create your own gift by choosing the ales you want to include as they are sold as individual cans.

As a huge lover of Mermaid Gin, I was intrigued to try the Mermaid Salt Vodka from the Isle of Wight distillery. This beautiful vodka contains a small amount of rock salt that works so well. I can’t wait to try this in a bloody mary where I think that the salt will really help the other flavours come alive.

It goes without saying that I love gin but this Dutch-Indonesian hybrid brings a whole new flavour to my glass. Bobbys Schiedam dry gin is a spicy, fragrant gin with strong notes of clove, cinnamon and pepper with a citrus tone to it. In a beautifully designed bottle this would make a great gift for any gin lover and a perfect addition to Christmas. This is a gin to be enjoyed with a mild tonic or soda water so you can really experience the complex blend of flavours.

If you are wanting to buy a gift for someone who is going to take part in dry January then SoberSauce has a great selection of non-alcoholic beer and ale for you to choose from. Purchase a mixed case, sign up for a subscription or just order the one you really want to try. I was amazed at just how good these really were and the lack of alcohol also means a lack of a hangover.