20th Anniversary Ideas for 2 Decades of Love

20 years of marriage is a massive milestone, and something well worth celebrating if you have the opportunity. Depending on the road you’ve taken in life, you might have children that are keen to throw you a big party, or friends and family who have seen your relationship grow over the last two decades. Whatever your relationship looks like, it seems clear that you can expect plenty of wonderful experiences from the next two decades together.

If you’re looking for a wonderful way to celebrate these twenty years that you’ve spent together, then you’re in the right place. Today, we’re going to give you the inspiration you need to get the most out of your twentieth wedding anniversary and look forward to more amazing moments with your other half.

Traditional and Contemporary Gifts for Year 20

20 years of marriage comes with a selection of traditional and contemporary gifts to consider, all with their own unique symbolic meaning. The traditional gift for 20 years of marriage is china, which symbolizes the elegance and delicacy of your love, as well as how durable and long-standing it can be. China might appear fragile, but it’s a lot tougher than it looks.

If you want to invest in a china gift, it’s best to choose something unique that you can enjoy every day. Dinner plates might not be the best choice, as they could be prone to damage over time. You could consider photo frames and unique paintings, however. Platinum is another strong and enduring material, offering a wide variety of gift options for a more contemporary couple. Platinum is the modern symbol that many younger couples use these days.

Like china, platinum offers a lot of diversity as a gift. You could consider something in jewellery, like a platinum ring or a set of earrings. Necklaces and cufflinks are relatively common and appealing here too. If you do take the jewellery route, remember that the official gemstone for the twentieth anniversary is the emerald – but you could also consider a gold or yellow diamond if you have more money to play with.

Other Gift Ideas for 20 Years

If you want some other symbolic gift ideas for your twenty years of successful marriage, then you can look beyond just platinum and china. As mentioned above, there are lots of gemstone options in the form of yellow diamonds and emeralds. Or you could just look into jewellery that shares the same colours. Emerald green and white are the most common colours for the 20 year anniversary, and you can do a lot with these shades.

You might buy your partner a luxurious silken robe in green and white to celebrate your anniversary or invest in a new set of indulgent bedsheets. Alternatively, why not combine several ideas and have a china vase painted in the right shades for your anniversary. To take this gift idea to the next level, add a bunch of the 20th anniversary flowers to the mix – in the form of the daylily.

The daylily is the flower of the 20th anniversary because they’re strong and beautiful. They also represent playful love – which should highlight some of the fun that you’ve managed to keep in your marriage over the last 20 years. If you want to give a rose that’s particularly symbolic for your wedding anniversary, you could also choose a white rose in a china vase. There are lots of other great gifts for people who like flowers in general out there too.

Make Your Anniversary Special

An anniversary is a special occasion that deserves plenty of attention. You should think carefully about what your partner might want, and how you can make this wonderful day together better for both of you. If you’re feeling like doing something a little different, you could take a trip to the nearest china town in your area or visit a unique museum that shows off beautiful pieces of china pottery. If you’ve got a lot of money to spend, you could even consider a journey to China as part of a massive twentieth anniversary gift.

To do something a little more creative, consider signing up for a painting and pottery class where you can make your own china pieces to give to each other. This is an excellent opportunity to get silly and allow your creative sides to shine through once again in your marriage. You might even go and see a professional paint a piece of hand-made and commissioned china just for you and your spouse. The opportunities are endless. Just have fun!