3 Fashion Trends Set to Transform the High Street in 2017

The fashion world operates at least two steps ahead of everyone else, with autumn/winter shows taking place in the sweltering heat of summer, and journalists forever focused on the next season. No sooner have the popular fashion trends finally trickled down from catwalks to the high street than it’s suddenly being declared dead, done, over – only to be instantly replaced by another covetable length, colour or style.


It’s no wonder that, for the majority of us, staying on top of what’s stylish and what’s already finished is one of the most difficult shopping tasks we face.

To save you from spending 2017 one trend behind everyone else, we’re running through three of the biggest fashion trends set to transform the high street next year, so you can start outfit planning now.

The end of cleavage

Fashion bible Vogue has set it down in print, it’s official and there’s no changing it now – cleavage is dead.

Whilst gravity-defying breasts and push-up bras were once seen as the norm, softer cups and subtle cleavage is now the desired look.

We’re already seeing the effects of this shift – breast reduction surgery is on the rise, models with petite busts like Kendall Jenner reign supreme and even Katie Price has swapped her infamously over-the-top implants for a more natural look.

But the chase for low-impact cleavage is now being reflected in high street clothing. Lace bra-lets are replacing underwired bras, necklines are rising – polo necks or Victoriana-style collars – and side-boob baring camisoles are a new festival-fashion staple.

A plus-size revolution

The fashion world has previously always favoured size-zeroes, but over the past couple of years a body confidence revolution – led by the likes of curvy supermodels Ashley Graham and Robyn Lawley – has brought average shapes and sizes into the spotlight.

The plus-size retail industry was estimated to be worth $20.4 billion in 2016 – and it’s only set to get bigger.

High street chains like H&M and online retailers ASOS are leading the charge for affordable plus-size clothing, and as investments in the market increases more and more brands are popping up – the future of size 16+ shopping is looking good.

It’s welcome news for curvy fashionistas who’ll be able to enjoy a much more accepting, affordable and stylish shopping experience than ever before in 2017.

Feminine is back

Although it’s been a fun few seasons of bold sequins and 80s throwbacks, next year’s fashion is looking decidedly more relaxed and feminine than the most recent offerings.

Ruffled skirts are the big trend and they’re surprisingly easy to wear – pair with a white shirt and simple accessories for a stylish, casual daytime outfit.

There’s also plenty of tulle, sheer fabric and fuchsia colours on offer for anyone keen to rediscover a girly and pretty side to dressing.

But the best news has to be the revival of every comfort-seekers favourite shoe, the kitten heel – so much more forgiving than the skyscraper stilettos we’ve tortured ourselves with for long enough, and just as chic.


There you have it, our favourites of the fashion trends set to take over the high street in 2017 – get your wardrobe sorted now and it’ll be your most stylish year yet.