Circus Vegas

On Thursday night I did something I have never done before. I went to the circus.

We live near one of those places that seems to have a circus or cheap traveling fun fair on at least once a month. I usually find out about it too late and refuse to pay for the expensive tickets.

This week I noticed the tent go up and really wanted to take the children (and secretly really wanted to go myself). If you went on the first night it was £6 a ticket for any seat and so it was that the four of us found ourselves sat ringside for Circus Vegas at 7:30pm.

The circus was exactly what I wanted clowns, strong men, acrobats and even a man being shot out of a cannon. The girls loved the clown and I loved the dare devil acts and the authentic old fashioned feel to it. We will definitely book to go to the circus again as it was a brilliant evening but maybe not on a school night as the girls were so tired they didn’t go to school on Friday.