Everything is changing!

Ok well not everything but something pretty major is happening in the Tired Mummy of Two household.

Over the past two years that I have been blogging there have been times when Hubby has just not understood. Why did the postman always have to bring new stuff? Why do I always have to go to London? Where is all the money coming from?

You see after two years Blogging is no more a hobby but a way of living. I don’t make a fortune from it but I now make enough to cover all the expenses involved in blogging. I can go to conferences or blogging events without worrying that the costs will impact on our household finances.

The past month or so has seen me drag hubby and the kids to a few events not least was the Playstation Playfest where he got to see me in full on working mode, talking to pr’s and developers selling my site and the services I can offer to the different people I spoke too. He saw me in action and he liked what he saw, he realised the amount of work involved in some of these events. Its not just a day of fun as much as he had always assumed it was. He has also been guest blogging on my site helping me to write the gaming reviews that have become a point of interest for new readers.

Then just over a week ago I hosted Blog On a conference for northern bloggers and hubby was on hand to help out. Throughout the day he seemed to become more and more amazed at what blogging actually involved. He seemed to find a new found respect for this little hobby of mine and a new respect for me. I think seeing me at the front of a room full of 70 bloggers and 10 brands had him in awe of the powerful force that makes the blogging community such a great one to be part of. I noticed him talking to more and more blogging friends of mine, I heard him mention being turned into a blogger. I saw his tweets

Adam Seaton ‏@gamingdaddyof2 21 Jul @grumpyishmum @survivaldaddy1 @TiredmummyofTwo what are you turning us husbands into? #blogger

It seems my Hubby has been having ideas of grandeur. It seems that he thinks he can be a Daddy Blogger. Well we are always saying there is a distinct lack of them available.

To help him out I have bought him a domain and I am just waiting on the nameserver changes before the site goes live. Please go and follow him and make him feel welcome into the world of parent bloggers www.gamingdaddyof2.com www.facebook.com/gamingdaddyof2 and www.twitter.com/gamingdaddyof2

He will be blogging about a very important decision that he made this weekend. He will be blogging about giving up his job of nearly ten years and becoming a stay at home dad and full time blogger. He will be my house husband, cooking, cleaning and running a budget whilst telling the world about how crap I am at that sort of thing and how much fun it is being more involved in the girls lives. He put this decision down to a change in thinking brought on by reading the art of being brilliant. A fantastic book that I was introduced to at Blog Summit Birmingham after listening to Andy Cope speak. I am glad that he has inspired Hubby to look closer at his life and decide what is best for him and his family.

However if it doesn’t work out and my Hubby goes missing don’t go digging up my patio.