Do you sing?

Recently I realised that I sing far too much. I really don’t have a good singing voice but I find myself screeching along to any old rubbish on the radio or singing to myself in the shower. The problem is that my girls don’t seem to appreciate my dulcet tones and have taken to telling me to stop singing more frequently than normal.

I wouldn’t mind so much if they could sing themselves but instead I have to put up with out of tune versions of the Skyline gangs songs at all opportunities.

We have recently started to listen to lots of different genres of music on the radio in the car with classical being a new favourite for the girls (more than likely because I can’t sing along to it). It did get me thinking about how we influence our children’s taste in music and whether we should be using our time whilst the girls are young to introduce them to different music. As metal loving parents it is hard for us to really appreciate some of the children’s Cd’s that we have had to listen to in the car and it is a pleasant change that things like Moshi Monsters and Bin Weevils seem to be seeking music influences from across the genres to create there albums. The one genre that seems to be missing in Opera.

Now Opera is more my style of singing, loud and proud without any semblance of embarrassment and completely indistinguishable words, or maybe that is just my view on it. One thing I was surprised about is the story that goes behind each operatic show. I had no idea that Die Fledermaus was all about revenge and seduction or that Beethoven’s Fidelio was about marital love and fidelity triumphing over injustice and tyranny. If you put it that way I would actually want to sit through it. I suppose I always thought of the typically boring romantic nonsense that sees a poor person and the local royalty fall in love and overcome their families displeasure to live happily ever after. I would much rather a bit of intrigue and sensuality over all the lovey dovey stuff.

As a drama student at school I have always enjoyed going to the theatre and as much as Dora the Explorer or Mickey Mouse have been fascinating, it hasn’t really challenged me intellectually or made me think. I always enjoyed a good musical and remember watching Women in Black in my final year of GCSE but Opera is something that I have never seen. Doing my research for this post has definitely opened my eyes to a genre that I have never really given serious consideration too. I might even look at going to an operatic show in the near future.

What genres of music are your kids interested in and do you try and challenge them to listen to something new?