Bin Weevils – Bin Tunes CD


Right enough is enough.

This CD must now leave my car and make its was up to Elizabeth’s bedroom. Not because it is awful or because it is driving me mad but because on my way to Blackpool today I was singing along to it as it started again for the second time when I realised all was quiet. The kids had been asleep for ages and there was me driving down the motorway bopping and singing to Splosh the Dosh and Girls Rule!

I mean don’t get me wrong I love a good catchy tune as much as the next person but it is not often that both girls fall asleep at the same time and that I get to listen to some grown up music. The cd is great though and with the different tracks taking on the characteristics of different genres of music it is a great way of getting children interested in a huge variety of music which is something I have become quite interested in recently.

I particularly like Christmas everyday!

Track Listings
1. The Great Bin Weevils – The Bin Weevils Band & all the Bin Weevils
2. So Much Better With Two – Tink & Clott
3. Splosh the Dosh – Dosh & his entourage
4. Girls Rule! – Bunty, Posh, Song & the weevily girls
5. I’ve Got The Scoop – Scribbles
6. Bin Pets Bop – Dott & the Bin Pets
7. Christmas Every Day – Bing
8. Whizz Pop Wallop Fizz – Lab
9. The Wicked WEB – The WEB
10. Let’s Go! – The Secret Weevil Service
11. Slam’s Jam – Slam
12. The Big Bin Weevil Ball – The Bin Weevils Band & all the Bin Weevils