Elizabeth wants a puppy

With Elizabeth having leukemia she is not allowed pets, she is immunosurpressed so cats and dogs are a no no. However she really wants a dog. She has wanted a dog for a very long time. When she got ill she wanted two things, she wanted to spend Christmas Day with Billy Bear which we will be doing thanks to the Starlight Foundation and she wanted a puppy.

As I said, she is not allowed a puppy whilst she was ill so I explained that she couldn’t have one until she was no longer ill. Having explained that this will be after she is 6 she accepted my answer.

She then asked daddy if she could have a puppy when she is all better. I don’t think he was listening because he said YES.

This was a while ago, about a two months, I didn’t want to write about it before because I hoped she would forget. Not a chance.

I would like a doggy like that one mum.

I would like a boy doggy but he must have a pink collar and a pink lead

I am going to call him Scrappy

I am going to call him Dudley

I want a small dog so I can walk it

You have to pick up the poo though mummy, unless daddy is with us and then daddy has to do it.

I would like to bath him and walk him and feed him.

Ooh I like that type of doggy mummy.

Anyway you get the idea, it has been constant. She went to the library and got out a how to care for a puppy book and nearly melted my heart when we visited the puppies in the pet shop.

She has decided that when she is 6, and the doctors say she ,she wants santa to bring her a puppy because “Dogs are for Christmas Mummy”.