A Trunki is for life not just for Christmas

Go back two years and my girls both received a Trunki from their aunty for Christmas. We still use them all the time and they don’t look as though they are two years old. This year I am returning the favour and I have bought her daughter (my niece) a Trunki of her own. I have also bought one for another niece too.

Trunki’s are well loved in our family and they are used not just for going on holiday but for playing too. Whether its a treasure chest or a monster our Trunki’s are always having an adventure. Back in August 2011 I entered a competition on Trunki’s facebook page to come up with a poem so I want to share it with you now.

I got it as a present
I use it everyday
It goes with me to nursery
And likes to come and play

Inside is all my precious things
I like to keep close by
But sometimes it becomes a plane
And teaches me to fly

It can be a big black horse
I use to ride along
It can be a big wide stage
I use to sing a song

It can be a secret pirates chest
In which to store my treasure
Full of lots of toys and things
to play with at my leisure

A trunki is this magic thing
I want another one now
And if you really like this poem
It might happen some how

But which one to choose
So many there to see
A princess, a dinosaur
I see the one for me

With knobberly knees
And turned out toes
And a poisonous wart
On the end of his nose

Give me a gruffalo
Or I might turn scary
I will sproat horns
And become hairy

Oh no wait that’s my dad
I am just being funny
But I do really want one
Not for me, for my mummy.

Trunki have come up with their top five toy box fillers this Christmas.
Elizabeth certainly enjoyed her Trunki Extras pack that we were sent for doing this post.