Cake through your Letterbox by Baker Days


Mmm cake, we all know that bloggers love cake and nothing is better than cake that is sent to you so you don’t even have to leave the house. Baker Days have solved this by providing full personalised letter box cakes. You can order them in lots of different designs and lots of different flavours.

The packaging for the cake was gorgeous, a little cracker and a cute little tin with the cake inside. All inside a box that will fit through most letterboxes.


The cake came very well sealed with full instructions on how to remove it from its tin and a sachet to keep it dry.

I love the personalised gift card and the fact that you can keep the tin afterwards. Not sure what I will keep in it but it is always nice to keep something from a gift that disappears (very quickly in our case).

The cake I ordered was a fruit cake and I am not a great fruit cake lover but because it was quite thin I found it to be the perfect amount of cake. It had some lovely chunks of fruit in it and tasted fantastic.

The only issue that I had with the cake was that the personalisation went a bit wrong. I am not sure that I am Tired of being a Mummy of Two just yet.

We received the letterbox cake free from Baker Days, it tasted fantastic and looked great even with the personalisation issue. We also received a Letter box cake for my gift guide giveaway.