Top Money-Saving Ideas for Home Decorating

Home decorating: you either love it or you hate it! No matter how you feel about it, it’s clear that it’s still something which every household must go through to best enjoy the home you’re living in, and keep it in line with your own, personal style.

Because home decorating can easily escalate to a hefty bill, it’s important to always make savings where you can when it comes to decorating. Here are some fantastic ideas on how you can make concessions that won’t compromise on an attractive living space.

  • Decorate a Feature Wall Instead of All the Walls

It can become expensive if you’re trying to decorate every inch of your home, including every wall in one room — especially if you’re trying to put up a luxurious wallpaper on every side. Instead, try focusing on one feature wall, which you can spend more time on and invest a little bit more in to have it looking perfect and dress up the other walls with accessories instead of painting or wallpapering.

  • Try Second-Hand

You can find amazing bargains when it comes to second-hand furniture, and you’re more likely to find higher-quality furniture at a lower price, such as old genuine wood furniture compared to new flatpack furniture. Second-hand stores may also provide really unique items you can introduce to your home, or you can find something cheap which you can easily refurbish in your own style.

  • Grab Items in Sales or Use Discounts

When you need to kit your home out with accessories or other key home items, wait for the best opportunity to grab a bargain. Wait for sales, and take advantage of discounts like Argos discount codes for home and electrical items, so that you can always get a lower price. This will make a difference for the more expensive home furnishing items, like high-quality curtains.

  • Update What You Already Have

Doing some home decorating doesn’t mean that you have to buy new versions of absolutely everything. If you already have items that work but which need a little refresh, you can repaint them, re-sand them or completely change the design of them to add a new style and feel as though they’re completely new pieces of furniture in keeping with your new style.

  • Make Use of Multi-Purpose Items and Furniture

This is helpful if you have a smaller home or more awkwardly shaped rooms. You want to limit the amount of clutter and furniture in one room by investing in pieces that can be used for more than one purpose, such as a coffee table that also has hidden storage, for example, or a dining table that can easily double as a desk.

Think about your own personal needs for your room and how you need the furniture to work in your space. Don’t just consider what looks good, but the practicalities of all your furniture and whether it will be a help or just simply something which will be in the way.