Don’t rock the boat by University games


A great test of skill and determination to see if you can balance all 16 pirate penguins on the precariously balanced pirate ship without knocking any of them off or rocking the boat.

I do not want to tell you how many attempts it took be to balance all the penguins on to allow me to take this photo but I will tell you it involved a lot of swearing and ended up with a little bit of cheating!

Don’t rock the boat by University Games will be a frustrating challenge for anyone who plays it whether young or old. The penguins are quite weighty and the boat is balanced on the very tip of an iceberg making the task of placing your penguins a tricky one. One false move and over you go taking your shipmates with you. It is a great game of team work as you work together to balance all of the pirates.

The girls were not happy when I wouldn’t let them join in whilst I was setting up for this photo but they seem to have so much fun knocking all the penguins off that I wouldn’t have stood a chance.

We all fell in love with this game at the MiComms Christmas in July and were very happy when we were sent it to review.

It is one of those games that just fits so well with us and I would recommend it as a great game for all the family to sit around and play. A perfect Christmas afternoon game.