Sofia the First Micro jewellery sets

Ahead of our #Sofiasmicroworld twitter party on Thursday 4pm until 6pm I thought I would give you a run down of all of the Sofia Micro jewellery sets that we got sent.


First up was Sofia’s Amulet. Sofia’s amulet comes on a purple and silver plastic chain with a clasp so it can be opened and closed to ease putting it on. It was slightly tricky to open the amulet but if you push the lid towards the top when opening it is a lot easier. The pack contained the Amulet, necklace and a micro bird called Robin, Clover the rabbit and Sofia. When you open the Amulet you see a micro world including the castle and a boat that can be moved.

You can then open the castle to see inside. This shows you the thrown room and a red carpet down to the water. You open the top flap to gain access to the dance hall where you can spin your micro characters and press the chandelier for lights and music.



The Tiara set included the Micro heart playset, necklace, tiara and micro characters Sofia, Mia the blue bird and Ruby one of Sofias friends from the village.

The heart playset is based on a park with a swing and a bird bath. It can be placed on the necklace or on top of the tiara. We did find the Tiara didnt fit on the girls heads very well as it is not very flexible so they used this as a necklace instead.


Magic Wand

A motion sensitive magic wand that lights up and makes sounds. With a small secret compartment at the top to store the included micro Sofia. This has been lots of fun and the most popular item.


Ring and Earring sets

These sets are fantastic. With clip on earrings and a ring that opens in the matching colour plus three micro figures included these are fantastic little playsets.

The blue set includes Prince James, Jade and Sofia.
The pink set includes Princess Amber, Robin the bird and Sofia.
The gold set includes Ruby, Clover the rabbit and Sofia.



Last but not least we have the bracelet. I actually really liked this as you could bend the bracelet and mould it to the childs wrists therefore meaning it stayed on properly. The bracelet included a micro Sofia the first figure.

In fact you might have seen a recurring pattern. It seems that all the sets include Sofia the first and I don’t mind that so much but it would be nice to see more of a variation in the clothing maybe even a different outfit in each pack.

All in all the girls have loved the micro jewellery although they have played with the micro playsets and the wand more than the earrings, rings and bracelets.