Dear Princess Charlotte, being a second child is not as bad as it seems . ..

Dear Princess Charlotte

Only a week old and already the world knows your name and has seen your face but we all know that it is your older brother Prince George who will face more of this lime light than you.

As a second child you will sometimes be jealous of your older brother, it will seem that he will get more attention, have more photos taken and get what he wants more than you will. He will more than likely be strong willed and stubborn (after all he already showed that when he didnt like his new soft toy). You on the other hand will more than likely be easy going, calm and people will notice you less. You will get on with your life and not be fussed by the actions around you. 

Sometimes you may feel that life is not fair. I mean your big brother will be king one day just because he was born first but I thought I would take this moment to remind you of your uncle Harry.

You see your Daddy has not been able to have much fun, as he is in line to the thrown he has had to behave in a certain way and refrain from casting any sort of blemish on the monarchy. He has not been able to do everything he wants to do. In fact with the amount of scrutiny that went in to him meeting your mother I would be surprised if he was even allowed to play kiss chase at school. Your Uncle Harry, well he was a different story. 

You wouldn’t know this but I grew up in Slough which is just down the road from Windsor Castle and Eton college, oh how we enjoyed hearing all the antics those Eton boys got up too. At just 17 your uncle was getting up to all sorts of mischief, he isn’t known as the Party Prince for no reason.

So I just wanted to say that you should take advantage of having an older brother accept the responsibility of the crown. Try not to go as crazy as your uncle, having a bad little sister does not look good especially the way the newspapers seem to like reporting on this sort of thing. 

Its a long way off but remember you have your own life to lead so make your own decisions, try to enjoy life and try not to get too annoyed with the journalists reporting on your every move.

Welcome to the world Princess Charlotte


Tired Mummy of Two