Breaking Brian on iOS

When being asked to review a new app the word addictive should be a red flag to my brain, you see I should have written this post nearly two weeks ago but instead I have been playing the game whenever I had a spare moment.
Breaking Brian is a really simple concept and at first it doesn’t look too interesting, in fact when I first downloaded it I put it down as soon as I opened it. It just didnt grab my attention.

The aim of the game is to get Brian to the water whilst also trying to collect all three gold stars. You need to break through some of the blocks and these can be fairly easy to do like the glass ones shown above or they will really need a good run up to break them. 

There are ninety levels in total and what I really like is that you dont need to start at the beginning. You can select any level you want. This also means that you cant get stuck half way through.

The free version of this game comes with 15 levels and I think it is definitely worth the small outlay of $0.99 for the full game.

The game torments me in its simplicity and yet I find that I become addicted to getting all three stars. I am currently battling level 53 where I seem able to get two stars easily enough but the third star is eluding me. 

A very addictive game that is a welcome change to the normal match three games and with no in app purchases or lives to run out off I have lost many hours to this game already.

Breaking Brian is available from the App Store.