Sprukits – Heroes aren’t born, they’re made #Buildahero 

I was introduced to Sprukits at the Toy Fair in January and they really got my attention. Making your own hero figures with no scissors, glue or painting required. I knew Alison would love them although Bandai were concerned that she might be a bit too young. Sprukits are recommended from 8 years plus but with some adult supervision she absolutely loved putting them together.
We were sent two level 1 DC Comics sets. The level ones sets are for beginners with between 20 and 40 pieces. They have 5 points of articulation at the shoulders, hips and neck.
Sprukits clip together really easily. You pop the parts out of the “spru” following the easy instructions. Each Spru has a letter on it and then each piece has a number, the instructions show exactly which part to use where which makes building the sprukits easy to put together.
The Level 2 Halo figure that we received was a huge step up in the amount of pieces (between 80 -120) and the skill involved in putting it together. There were a lot smaller pieces to use as well a greater range of movement. The Level 2 Halo figure is an inch taller than the level 1 figures and looks a lot more impressive than the simpler versions.
Alison loved building her own heroes and these look really impressive on her shelves.

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