Have you heard the news about Lollibop?

I am very happy to be able to bring you some fantastic news about the Lollibop 2014 line up.

We love Lollibop and we cant wait to spend another sunny afternoon there this year! We have been going for the last three years and we have always enjoyed it.

I am really pleased to announce that two of my favourite entertainers will be back entertaining the masses in lots of silly ways. Here they are dressed as old people! Alex Winters and Jem Frazer!

I know lots of mums and dads and children too will be happy to see the fabulous Justin Fletcher back on the stage and I am sure he cant wait to have you all singing along to some crazy songs.
It is great to see some of our Cbeebies favourites making an appearance including Andy Day, Chris and Pui, Mister Maker and Mr Bloom.
There is some amazing entertainment returning to Lollibop including the Roald Dahl museum, National Geographic area,  Skylanders and Titan the robot as well as some completely new shows. We look forward to seeing Scooby Doo! The mystery of the pyramid on the big stage after watching it in the theatre a few weeks ago and Michaela Strachans Really wild adventures show is bound to be a it with the girls. There is even a Disney on Ice 100 years of magic silent disco!

To make it even better this is just the first line up announcement which means that there is even more fabulous things to come! Mae sure you grab yourself a ticket for this fantastic family festival. You can find out more on the lollibop website http://lollibopfestival.co.uk/

We look forward to seeing you as part of the crowd!