Crap broadband I missed you!

I always moan about the internet in my house. Its dreadfully slow at uploading photos and downloading files. It is impossible to stream anything and unless there is only one device connected to it I may as well be on dial up. It is however reliable. i can always connect even if it is at a snails pace and this last week has taught me just how much I should appreciate that.

I have been fairly quiet on my blog this week and it has not been through lack of things to talk about, in fact I have so many posts in drafts that I think I will be writing for the next few days solid to speak about all the fantastic things we have seen and done since last Monday.

The reason it has been quiet is because I have been at my mums house down south. Her internet is so shocking that I would have been going crazy. The router didn’t stay connected and even when it was connected it couldn’t really cope with anything that I wanted to do. My phone had hardly any signal in her house so I couldn’t set it up as a hotspot like I do in the hospital and even my mobile broadband in my laptop failed to work! I was literally stranded with no way to get online and it was horrible.

I did manage to do a little bit of work the other day in the Garden when the signal was being particularly nice to me but my to do list has got longer and the memories I want to preserve have started to fade so I have better get a move on and start writing.

I have more events tomorrow and Thursday and will be heading to Butlins on Friday for a long weekend before spending more time at my Mums house.

I hope the weather gets better or I can see me in the garden under an umbrella typing away.