Nearly everything in life is a gamble

As I was stood at the school gates this morning discussing the fact I won £25 on the lottery last night one of the Mums was very against gambling and it opened up quite an interesting conversation. 

Now I don’t gamble with money very often. Every now and then a rollover jackpot on the lottery or a particularly cute looking scratch card will attract my attention and I do like playing low priced online bingo as a way to pass the time. I have also on occasion played Roulette or Black Jack on a site like but gambling with money is not the only form of gambling and this Mum just could not see my point of view.

When looking at the more obvious side of this then a flip of the coin or the roll of the dice is always a gamble but to me nearly everything in life is a gamble. A few weeks ago I was discussing with my Mum how one night out at a pub in Slough changed my life so much. It led to me meeting the man who I followed to Shetland, where I then met someone else who I followed to Manchester where I then met Gaming Daddy of Two and had the girls. Now I am sure there was a defining moment prior to that pub trip like the moment I met the group of friends that I went to the pub with or the reason I moved to the accommodation I was in that made that particular pub my local but it got me thinking where would I currently be if I had decided I didn’t want a pint that night. Just going to the pub can change your life. In fact every time you do something it can have an impact on the future and you never really know what that impact might me.

With everything that we have been through over the past few years, the bad and the amazing the one thing that I have learnt is that sometimes you need to take that gamble as you never know where that might lead. I like to think that by taking a chance I can control my future and not just leave it up to fate like this Mum argued. After all who wants to believe that no matter what they do life will only have on course to follow?

Anyway with all this self-reflection I decided that I will have to make some more changes in my working life with me maybe blogging a little bit less and focusing on doing some other amazing things that will further my career. I took another step towards this yesterday and I am looking forward to a new chapter in my life and sharing with you the struggles as I balance my freelance work with family life. Let’s hope that this gamble pays off.