Countdown – 65 days to go (contains a bikini photo, sorry)

I put a bikini on for the first time in a long time this morning and asked my daughter to take a photo of me as we don’t have a full-length mirror. I wanted a before photo to show my journey as I reckon that is the only way I am going to succeed. I want to have accountability and this is it.
before photo frontbefore photo back
Elizabeth declared I looked disgusting and Alison said it was yukky.
So I feel like crap.
I may have lost just under 3 stone but apparently that is not enough for me to be able to wear a bikini!
I am on a countdown to my cruise which is in 65 days and I will be exercising, dieting and trying a variety of other things to help me slip down.
My journey will not be easy and there are a lot of things that will stand in my way to try and make me give up but I am determined that I will not be this size when I step on that cruise ship.
Today I have been very much mostly on plan. I had scrambled egg, mushrooms, and toast and for dinner, I had pasta bolognese that was packed full of speed food. However, I did have a meeting at school where a freshly baked oat biscuit may have jumped into my mouth but it was just one and apart from the margarine on my toast I didn’t have any other syns so it isn’t not all bad.
I get weighed tomorrow night as I am on a school trip on Thursday so I will let you know how I have got on this week.

13 thoughts on “Countdown – 65 days to go (contains a bikini photo, sorry)”

  1. Oh my word Laura three stone is amazing and you look FANTASTIC! They’re harsh critics our kids aren’t they although hard not to take on board what they say. Poppy told me my feet were disgusting the other day and they looked like they’d gone mouldy – nice! I started Slimpod a while back and I’ve found eating less food with a high fat content has helped massively and trying to drink less wine! X

  2. Wow you look amazing, you’ve done brilliantly. I am struggling, night time is always my downfall & it doesn’t help when I am suffering with pain too as I need something to distract me from thinking… Ouch it hurts…a lot!!

  3. Don’t listen, you look good not because of your body but because of you. Confidence is by far the most attractive quality any woman can have! Three stone is incredible, I’ve just hit my one stone mark and feel a million times better about myself! Keep up the good work!

  4. You look great! Maybe I should start being a bit more honest with myself about what pops in my mouth lol! I need to admit to the odd chocolate or glass of wine! We will do this and have a great time x

  5. Laura you look amazing!! especially given the weight you have lost far, well done to you. Wish I could pull off wearing a bikini, maybe when I’ve lost my last 1.5stone I can. Have a fab cruise!!

  6. You look amazing Laura! Great waistline!
    You have 65 days to go which is not a long time. I don’t know much about slimming world but for fitness and tone I recommend med-heavy weights 2 times per week (25 minute sessions alternative between upper and lower body) and 2 X 15 minute HIIT sessions per week.
    You will make the most of the curvey figure you’ve naturally got without losing muscle tone xx

  7. Seriously, you look great, Laura! I am super impressed. If I looked like that in my bikini, I’d be over the moon. Truly. Right now I’m all about wearing floaty dresses to hide my belly and bum because I feel like such a whale. You’re making me inspired!

  8. Definitely! I have found that this daily blog thing has helped me behave myself a lot more. Hopefully, it will be the thing that helps me to loose more. Maybe our cruise group should change to a weight loss motivation group 😀

  9. You don’t look Yukky at all, you look fabulous. Well done on the weight loss, that’s an amazing achievement – I’m aiming to lose a stone before the cruise too – shall we share encouragement ?

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