Countdown 62 days to go

Well I knew today wasn’t going to be brilliant due to Elizabeth choosing to go out for a curry as her birthday treat and I was right. Breakfast started off well with an Alpen light bar and a peach, as I ran out the door. Lunch consisted off a jacket potato, chicken breast, salad and a hot chilli sauce (no butter) from a cafe in Stockport. I had lots to do today including my first session of cavitation (more on that in a few weeks), exchanging some clothes in Primark ready for my trip next week and getting Elizabeth the last few bits for her birthday tomorrow. Being busy all day I knew I had to keep on top of my fluid levels and this is where my app was perfect. I use a free app called water my body which ensures that I drink enough during the day as it is the one thing I really struggle with. I have been behind most of the day which isn’t a good sign but thankfully I have caught up now.

Dinner was at Elizabeth’s favourite Indian restaurant called Spicy Mint. We have been going since before I was pregnant with her so she has grown up eating korma in there and it is the place we tend to go for family celebrations so it is nice that she chose to go there instead of McDonalds for example. Unfortunately, my willpower dissolved at the sight of the poppadums but I only had the one and stayed away from the chutney instead eating the salad and red onion. For my main course I skipped my favourites that are full of cream and instead opted for a chicken tikka with boiled rice and a jalfrezi sauce on the side. This meant that I was able to limit my sauce. I did, however, help Adam eat a spicy naan bread so I definitely wasn’t well behaved.

Its not a good sign that just one day into a hard week and I am already cheating myself but making good choices and living life can sometimes clash and I feel that my dinner had a good balance. Also, note I had diet coke and water instead of my normal pint of beer so small steps.  Although small steps will not get me strutting my stuff in my bikini.

Tomorrow will be full of cake and even more temptation, wish me luck!

Mmm as close to a slimming world friendly meal as I can get and it looks amazing

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