MicroBoats by Zuru

Another new product in the Zuru range is the fabulous Microboats. Ther are 6 Microboats to collect as well as the Shark Attack Challenge course and extension kits. The Zuru Microboats are able to speed off in 4 different directions and has micro robotic sensor technology that means it will automatically reverse if it hits a wall.

We were sent the Shark Attack Challenge course to see what we thought.

microboats course

The set came in a few easy to assemble pieces and didn’t require instructions to put it together.

microboats course parts

microboats course built

The set came with a deep scoop that allows you to fill and empty the course easily. It also comes with a shark attack wave maker and a crane which you can use to try and catch your microboat as it speeds around the course.

Once the set was built it was just a case of filling the course full of water and away we went. Now I have to admit to placing it in the bath the first time I filled it with water as I was concerned about just how waterproof some of the joints were but they were absolutely fine. When you clip the track together you do need to make sure everything clicks and clips in place to make sure there is a waterproof seal but that is pretty obvious when you look at the parts.

microboat water

microboat course with water

microboat bottom

As I said previously my girls love the Zuru products and have bothe enjoyed playing with the Microboats so much. It is good to see Zuru branch away from the animals and look at other uses of the technology. I think that the Microboats will be a big hit this year and with individual boats retailing at £7.99 it is a great starting price especially as you don’t need the course to start playing!