Christmas Gift Guide – Stocking Fillers

For my kids what is in their stocking is almost as important as the main present from Santa so we have to put a lot of time and effort into finding the perfect items to stuff them with.

Rubiks Junior

You are never too young for a Rubiks as these new Rubiks Junior animal puzzles demonstrate. They are super cute and available in a range of designs which kids will love.

Smiggle Stationery

My girls are obsessed with Smiggle Stationery so we always have to include some in their stockings. The hardest part is just picking up a few bits and not filling the whole stocking with their novelty items.

Smile with Smiggle accessories

New this year is the Smile with Smiggle range which the girls love. With so many items to choose from you can find something for everyone and at a nice price point as well they can get something they love without hurting your purse too much. products is a game that has become a huge craze this year with lots of YouTubers featuring it on their channels. These products have a great collectable element to them and with lots of different types to collect including squidgy ones there is something suitable for every kid.

Menthos Geyser Tube experiment

As soon as my girls saw this they loved the look of it. We have tried to do this sort of experiment before but it has always failed. With the help of this Geyser Tube the experiment went to plan and the resulting explosion of coke was amazing to watch and the kids loved it.

Pug Pen Holder from Paladone

Pugs are huge in the tween world and the combination of Pugs and Stationery make this the perfect gift for Elizabeth. This Pug Pen Holder with Bone Shaped pen from Paladone would look great on any desk and could be a great secret santa gift.

Illumi-mate Poo Light

Its a poo and it lights up. Apparently that makes it the best thing in the world, according to my kids anyway who both wanted to fight over who got to put this in their room. The Illumi-mate Poo light changes colour and doesn’t get hot meaning that it is ideal for younger children as they can touch it even when it has been on for a while.

Thomas & friends Flip and Learn phone

It isn’t just the older kids who want to find fun things in their stocking and this Flip and Learn phone from Trends has lots of fun features that young kids will love. From ages 18 month and above and with lots of buttons to press this phone helps to teach colours and numbers as well as allowing them to call Thomas.

My first JCB water Muddy Digger Water Squirter

There is nothing quite as fun as a good water squirter when you are a toddler and this My First JCB Muddy Digger Water Squirter is the ideal stocking filler to get toddlers in the bath and having fun this Christmas.

Grow your Own Elf Eggs

We have all seen the alien and dinosaur eggs but did you know you can now hatch your own elf? These great little eggs from Keycraft take 3 days to hatch and grow and kids love them.

Insta-Snow Powder

Almost as good as slime, these Insta-snow powder containers make great stocking fillers that the kids will love. Just add water to this expanding snow to watch it grow.

Star Wars The Last Jedi Porg Keyring

This Star Wars The Last Jedi Porg Keyring from Paladone is my ideal stocking filler. My keys are one of the places where my geekiness is clear for the world to see and this metal Porg would feel right at home next to my plush Ewok keyring and my Lego Yoda figure.

What would you like to find in your Stocking this year?

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  1. My children would love these, especially the Illumi-mate Poo Light my 5 year old daughter is obsessed with the poo emoji, I have no idea why ha ha xxx

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