Advent Calendars for the whole family

Advent calendars are a great way to count down to Christmas but with so many on the market you never know if what you are paying is worth what you are getting in return. Below I take a look at a variety of Advent Calendars for the whole family and show you exactly what you get inside.


This £2 advent calendar includes 90g worth of chocolate with the last five days featuring bigger chunkier chocolate pieces. Behind each door you will find a picture of a different Pokemon but the chocolate shapes are just general festive shapes and not Pokemon specific which is a bit disappointing. However with 25 days and 90g of chocolate I am sure the kids will be happy and for only £2 it is one of the cheapest advent calendars on the market.

Being able to count down to Christmas with HARIBO is a brilliant idea and one for the kids and the adults. This advent calendar costs around £7 and contains 16 mini bags, 2 Maoam blocks, 2 Maoam pinballs, 3 large sweets and a pinwheel.

Stepping away from the food advent calendars I went and purchased the £25 Smiggle Advent Calendar that my kids absolutely begged for. They are huge Smiggle fans and the advent calendar includes a lot of stationery that takes it way above the £25 value.

As Elizabeth is a huge Schleich Horse Club fan I knew that I had to see what was inside the Horse Club Advent Calendars. The 2017 advent calendar includes 3 horses, a rider and a dog as well as other accessories.

The reviews of this Advent Calendar are mixed and that is because some days are obviously less impressive than others. After all who wants to open a horse brush when other days include a horse but when you take a look at the whole set then I think it is brilliant value for money.  The Advent Calendar costs around £20  and individually a Schleich pony usually costs about £5 and the horses are around £10. This has been a brilliant addition to other our Schleich Horse Club products and one I would highly recommend.


I have been a big fan of Pechkek’s Misfortune Cookies since I first saw them at Autumn Fair a few years ago. Misfortune Cookies are black cookies that contain a rather miserable fortune or insult that make these perfect for the Grinch in your family.

On day 25 you get a pack of black tissues so if you are truly miserable and spending Christmas alone then you can dry your tears.

If you love hot food then you would love the Big Chilli Advent Calendar which contained 24 sachets of whole chillis, powders and flakes.  The Chillis are from all around the world including the world’s hottest chilli, the Carolina Reaper. The Big Chilli Advent Calendar also includes a booklet with recipes to try and tasting notes on each of the chillis.


If you are looking at beauty based advent calendars then I would definitely recommend the Grace Cole Discover & Delight Beauty Advent Calendar. This advent calendar contains some really nice sized samples with a variety of scents including Nectarine Blossom & Grapefruit, Vanilla Blush & Peony, White Nectarine & Pear and Wild Fig & Pink Cedar. The advent calendar includes Bath & Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Body Mist, Hand & Nail Cream, Soap, Tea Lights and Nail Files making it a great comprehensive advent calendar you can enjoy well into the new year.

Obviously we couldn’t look at all of the advent calendars on the market but I hope that these ones have helped to give you some ideas on what advent calendars could be good for the people in your family.

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  1. I didn’t know Schleich did Advent Calendars, I’m off to look for a unicorn one! Although we have Smuggle, Tinc and LEGO Star Wars this year. I’m making my husband a coffee one, but it might only have 6 days in as it’s getting expensive 🙂

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