Bought and Wrapped and ready for Christmas

Lots of people get to December and start panicking and getting stressed, all these Christmas presents to buy and no time or money to get them. I am definitely not one of these people. all year round I save money in a voucher scheme (I’m an agent for Variety Christmas club) so that I know that Christmas will not be a struggle. With 13 nieces and nephews plus two children of my own it adds up to a lot of presents to buy and that is before I even start on the adults. Having the vouchers already paid for means I can really enjoy the shopping experience without worrying about overspending.

My main problem is that I don’t live near my family, so 9 of those children need their presents delivered. I have tried all sorts of ways to get the presents there in time and last year I even delivered them all down south a few months early. My mum was not impressed because I hadn’t wrapped any of them and it also took up loads of room in her house. This year I carried a large suitcase down to Butlins when I was there the other weekend. It was massive and it was full of Christmas presents. However I still couldn’t fit them all in and with the three biggest ones still sat in my bedroom I am really having to think about posting them. The thing is they are so heavy and so big that there is no way to get them to the post office so I was really impressed to hear that Parcelforce actually come to your house to collect them. This will make my life a lot easier, take away the stress and will guarantee that my three nieces will also get their presents on time.

What is it about Christmas that stresses you out the most? The money, the shopping or the wrapping? For me it is definitely the wrapping. That is one thing that I can’t organise in advance.