Clothes Show Live

Clothes, shoes, make up and screaming teenagers is definitely not my idea of a lovely relaxing Sunday but its good to leave your comfort zone occasionally and with that in mind and a press pass in hand I headed off to Birmingham to visit the Clothes Show live.

There was a lot of young teenage girls giggling and screaming as soon as you entered and the first thing I noticed was all the goodie bags. Nearly every stall had goodie bags but this wasn’t like events I have been to previously, you actually had to pay to get a goodie bag. Definitely a novel idea so I set about finding out which bags were actually worth parting with some hard earned cash. Helen E was one of my first stops, mainly because I use that make up anyway. For £10 you get an awful lot of makeup that is all useable. in other words no silly colours which is what I found inside the Barry M bag. Who really wants green mascara? The magazine stalls were selling their goody bags for around £3 each and with a drink, snacks, a magazine and a few other bits they were worth picking up as a drink of water cost a small fortune at the drink stalls. So perfume had some great bags that were aimed at a younger audience and there was quite a few cheaper makeup stalls who had a lot in their bags but the quality was obviously not as good as the Barry M and Helen E makeup.

The Clothes stalls seemed to be aimed at teenagers and pre-teens or maybe I am that out of the fashion stakes that it just seemed that way. I did like drooling over the converse and Dr Martens on offer but there was no way I was carrying those around all day.

I went to the Clothes show with no make up or products on my hair so that I could have a make over done whilst I was there. This is how I started.

I headed to the Claire’s Accessories Beauty Bar which looked lovely and festive (the only stall that did) and let the beauticians have their wicked way with me. This is how I looked at the end.
In fact it wasn’t long before I fell in love with the Claires Accessories stall, not only was it Christmassy but the goodie boxes they were selling for £10 had over £50 worth of stuff in them and they were themed so you could pick one up for a younger child who loves pink (like Elizabeth) or a tween who is a bit of a rock chick. With four to choose from they were by far the most thought out goody bag/box that I saw, they were also on a 3 for 2 along with everything else on the stall so for £20 you could get three boxes and have over £150 worth of products.
There was lots to see and do at the Clothes Show from Celebrities, fashion shows, demonstrations and the Fashion Theatre. It definitely was theatre and was interesting to sit and watch even though I am not into the fashion side. The semi naked men obviously helped and what better way to end it that with the extremely annoying Gangham Style song.