A day in my life

You know when you work from home and your special someone who has the luxury of an office with a desk and a social life comes home and starts moaning about the state of the house and the fact the washing up isn’t done and that there are toys on the floor and the washing hasn’t been hung out. Well that happens a lot in my house so I thought its about time I write what it is really like living a day in my life.

It is 10am right now and so far this morning I have
dressed and fed the kids and took them to school
made a large fruit salad to help me on my diet
taken delivery of four parcels
updated my to do list (which took a while and is longer than ever)
posted two messages on facebook to find people to do some reviews for me for a client
Sent 5 emails
Drank one cup of coffee and one cup of green tea
Surrounded myself in things I need to write about.
Written one review post (and backdated it because it was late)

I have now written one blog post
one sponsored blog post
9 emails in the last 55 mins one threatening court action and one to all my paid post contacts to line up work for next week.
and I have a conference call in 5 minutes so I will go and make a brew and have a wee.

At this time I should be just going to get the kids. However today is not one of those days I collected the children nearly two hours ago after Elizabeth was feeling tired. I have post two blog posts on Blogs Up North. Had a 45 minute conference call. Arranged to write a paid post this afternoon sent a few emails about Blog On and did a few tweets/facebook messages. Oh and I made a soup but I put too much garlic in it so I don’t like it.

Since my last entry I have tidied up three times. Made bracelets with Elizabeth. Chopped potatoes for chips and placed them in the oven. Sorted through the eight parcels we received today to fit them all in as few boxes as possible as they are things for the Blog On goody bags. Written a paid post. Corrected two links in other posts. Responded to 12 emails. Arranged another post for a £50 amazon voucher. Opened all the letters from the postman. Fed the kittens. Set out a game for the kids and ordered my little brothers birthday present. I have arranged a huge day out for 25 family and set up 8 posts with other bloggers.

I have one hour left before my husband comes through the door. I have had a grand total of two cups of coffee, one cup of tea, a couple of spoons of yucky soup and a can of drink. I still have my shoes on from the school run and the house looks a mess already.

This evening I will need to catch up on social media, do some more reviews from my to do list. Send a few more emails and eat at some point.

So when they walk through the door having sat in their warm, dry office in which they have a fabulous desk and comfy chair, where they don’t get as many distractions and where they can switch your computer off at home time Please hope that they don’t ask you what you have been doing all day because the washing up hasn’t been done or because the kids are playing with toys on the floor. They should just be thankful that there is food in the cupboard, money in the bank and that the kids actually went to school today because at 8:30am that didn’t look very likely in my house.

I obviously sit here all day doing nothing.