The BFG – out now in cinemas in the UK

As a child, I grew up immersed in the worlds created by Roald Dahl and I always enjoyed reading The BFG  more than any other. The story of The BFG seemed as though it could almost be real, I mean dreams have to come from somewhere don’t they? Roald Dahls books have been through many adaptations and when I heard that they were remaking The BFG into a “real world” film I did have my reservations.

BFG poster

After watching the movie trailer for the first time and hearing it was directed by Steven Spielberg, those reservations disappeared. It seemed that The BFG still held true to the book in its humour and I began to believe that The BFG really could be brought to life once more.

For those of you who don’t know (although I am sure that must be impossible?) the story of The BFG (or Big Friendly Giant) follows a nice giant in his quest to capture dreams and distribute them to the sleeping human beans to make up for all the horrid things that the other giants are doing. He creeps around the streets at night and blows dreams through open windows using his dream trumpet.

BFG dream blowing


One night, however, a small girl named Sophie spots him from her window in the orphanage and he takes her away to giant country so she doesn’t tell anyone. An unlikely friendship is formed and Sophie helps the BFG to come up with a plan to prevent the other giants from eating all the boys and girls. They go to the queen, who obviously invites them to tea in what can only be described as one of the most Whizzpopping scenes imaginable.

BFG Queen BFG lunch with the queen

With the nasty giants out of the way, the big friendly giant is free to blow his dreams and Sophie gets a loving family and it all ends happily ever after.

Now I will say that there are a few bits that could be scary for younger children so do be aware of that if you are taking little ones however, there are also moments of great hilarity and the kids will enjoy watching it.

Out in cinemas today I would say that this is a must see this summer and one the whole family will enjoy.