All New Bop It! by Hasbro Gaming

For many years getting the new Bop It! was a bit of a Christmas traditional and seeing how it evolved each year was always fun. In fact, Bop It! is about twenty years old! It has been fantastic to see all the changes over the year and this version does not disappoint. The new Bop It! features some fabulous new motion technology which detects the movements you make with the Bop It! so it isn’t as simple as bop it, twist it and pull it anymore.

Bop It! in box

Not only do you have the three standard movements but you also have ten additional functions thanks to the motion technology. The ten moves are: comb it, saw it, cradle it, answer it, selfie it,  golf it, drink it, sing it, whip it and hammer it. Some of the actions are quite similar and you have to be quick without hesitating otherwise you will be out. When you are out Bop It! ridicules you slightly for not following its instructions which the girls thought was hilarious. Each move features its own sound effects which add to the playability and it is has been quite competitive within our family to be the person with the highest score.

Bop It features 3 different play modes which are available to play alone or in a group: Classic, Beat Box, and Action. Bop It! is suitable for one or more players from ages 8 plus (although Alison manages to play and she is only 6).


Bop It! variety of moves

Whether you are playing by yourself or as a group the new motion sensitive moves make the whole gaming experience more energetic and a lot more fun. It is great to see the traditional Bop It game have such a great makeover whilst still staying true to the original game and I know that playing Bop It will become a great family tradition for my kids as much as it was for me.

Bop It! requires 3 AAA batteries and it comes with Demo batteries included which means that you can get started straight out of the box.

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