Best Team Away Day Activities in London

Having a great team dynamic can really make a difference in office life. When you run a small company then investing in team away days can have a huge impact on that dynamic. Now taking your whole team on a weekend to London can be costly. Look just outside central London for accommodation The Park Grand London Heathrow is a chic, unique, boutique hotel with great transport links.

You need to choose an activity that matches your team but below are some ideas on the best team away day activities in London. If you have a physically active team or if you want to promote physical activity then take a look at the next four team-building experiences

Trampoline parks

Did you know that some trampoline parks have adult-only sessions? These are so much fun and no fear of hurting any little kids. Each park differs but there are all sorts of activities on offer that makes for a great day out.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms became popular a couple of years ago and you can now find them with all sorts of themes. Split into teams to find your way out of the room by working together to solve clues. These could be physical puzzles, attention to detail or riddles. You never know what the next clue will be.

The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience

The Crystal Maze LIVE experience will test even the best teams with a range of tasks and challenges. Working together as a team to collect crystals and gain time in the Crystal dome. I am the proud owner of a crystal from The Crystal MazeLIVE Experience and I promise you this makes for a great day.

The Ballie Ballerson Ball pit in Shoreditch

An ADULT Ball pit, I mean it doesn’t really need to say anything else does it. The Ballie Ballerson Ball Pit is the perfect playground for grown-up kids. If you have never been in a large ball pit since you became an adult then you are really missing out.

Not all teams will benefit from physical team building days and some might just want a relaxing afternoon tea or a couple of drinks on the Thames. Check out these ideas for a more relaxed team away day.

Afternoon tea with a difference

There are so many amazing Afternoon Tea locations in London that finding the right one is quite a task. You could have a sightseeing tour on a bus whilst enjoying a traditional afternoon tea or opt for something a little more unusual. From Mary Poppins, Mad Hatter and Charlie and the chocolate factory, themed afternoon teas are available in abundance.

Bowling and a Burger

If you are looking for something a little less upmarket then check out one of the many bowling alleys around London. Bowling is a great activity for competitive teams and usually, no-one gets hurt! Quite a few bowling alleys now make a mean burger so you can do everything under one roof.

Themed miniature golf

If bowling isn’t your sport but you would still like to keep the competitive edge then a spot of miniature golf could be the answer. Themed crazy golf centres are popping up all over the place and the best thing is they are indoors so you don’t need to rely on the weather.

Cocktail making

Now, this is a team day that most people will enjoy although you will have to be careful about how much alcohol is consumed. Too much and you might just find out who has been stealing the stationery.

So there you have it some great ideas for team away days in London that your staff will never forget.