Attention Bloggers! 

Hey did that title get your attention? I wanted to tell you about something that might mean I have to change my name from Tired Mummy of Two to just Mummy of Two.

Do you have a snorer in the bed next to you?

Do you find yourself wanting to push them out of bed or put a pillow over their head to drown out the noise?

There have been many nights when I was this close > < to suffocating hubby.

Then I saw this

And to make things even better they want to work with bloggers to get reviews. I mean they really want to work with us.. They have even written a blog post about wanting to work with bloggers and give them a Free Snoring ring. I love the idea that they trust this enough to give them to us to test and write about. Knowing that if it doesn’t work then we will write that also.

So whilst I wait for mine I thought I should share this with you just in case you are on the verge of murdering your other half this may prevent a tragedy. I am not sure they have Wifi in prison and I would hate not being able to read your blog.