First day at school

Today is Elizabeth’s first day at school.

The first words out of her mouth this morning were “I am so excited”

She loved her uniform. Although she had to borrow one of Alison’s skirts because hers were too big.

She should have only been in school for one hour. One hour with me there next to her. She made friends quickly, surrounded by boys as normal and told me to go away.

I waited in the reception area, reading my kindle waiting. Waiting for her to want her Mummy, waiting for her to want to leave. They had a snack, they played outside, she walked straight passed me to lunch, she ate her lunch and then she asked her teacher if I could go away now.

So here I am, at home no kids and not sure what it is I am supposed to do with myself. I am sure that it will get easier but this is the first time that I haven’t had any children at home and I have not had a job to go to.

I suppose there is house work but I am not sure I am that bored just yet.