As a house proud mother or parent, what room would you say serves as the heartbeat of your home?

While the answer to this question probably varies from one individual to the next, modern trends appear to dictate that the kitchen represents the focal point of most contemporary homes. This is because the perception of the kitchen has evolved in recent times, from a functional space where food is prepared to an entertainment centre where both formal and informal parties are regularly held. Alongside the bathroom, which has emerged as a luxury open space in a rising number of modern homes, the kitchen remains central to most home-improvement and remodelling plans.

How have Kitchen and Bathroom Design Trends Evolved Over time?

So why are these rooms now the key focal points of homes throughout the UK? Primarily, this is because these functional spaces have taken on additional purposes in recent times, while also benefiting from luxury design trends and innovations. Take the kitchen, for example, which was once solely used for the purpose of preparing, cooking and occasionally eating food. This has changed considerably, as it is now also an entertainment centre where home-owners engage with guests and fellow residents in a range of different formats.

This is embodied in the range and nature of products currently available in the UK, which have been developed to cater towards more diverse needs. The same principle applies to the contemporary bathroom, which is increasingly considered as a luxury space where individuals can relax and enjoy their solitude. The emergence of modern, open-plan bedrooms and bathrooms underlines this evolution, as it proves that home-owners are increasingly willing to combine these spaces into a more comprehensive and lavish suite.

The Last Word in Kitchen and Bathroom Design

Once again, the evolution of the modern bathroom is reflected in the range of material, accessories and finishes available through suppliers in 2014. Take the Yorkshire Tile Company, for example, which now sells a huge array of bathroom tiles that have been designed to suit both functional and recreational requirements. With property owners increasingly keen to make the most of their kitchens and bathrooms as a way of modernising their home and adding value to their humble abodes, this trend is likely to continue throughout 2014 and for the foreseeable future.