Great Choice, Small Price

Last week we were in London for a multitude of events and one of my favourites was to see the new Nutmeg Clothing range.

A range of clothing available to buy in Morrisons and selected Kiddicare stores the quality of the materials, the designs and the durability as well as the features that make the clothes fit better are all of such a high standard that you will be as shocked as I am at the price.

Whilst we were there the girls took the opportunity to show just how different they are by selecting clothes that could not have been more different.

Alison loved the boys selection of clothes and the coloured chinos are among her favourites. She already owned two pairs of Nutmeg chinos in green and turquoise and was actually wearing one of the pairs on the day. We love the chinos as they are hard wearing, perfectly fitting and in fabulous colours that compliment her wardrobe. Alison chose the below outfit as her favourite from the day but it was followed closely by the dinosaur applique tshirt and dinosaur jumper.
Elizabeth had a fantastic day and thoroughly enjoyed her modeling session choosing which clothes she like best and how she would style them. She is all about the bright colours and the pink was definitely a recurring theme. This was her favourite item although we have now bought the black and white dress and the leggings shown below.
When at the event I was given some vouchers for attending and as much as I was going to spend them on my food shopping that just didnt happen. Taking the girls shopping and then browsing the sale that is currently on the last seasons Nutmeg range took a very large chunk of the vouchers but the girls both have new swimming costumes, Elizabeth has a dressing, three pairs of leggings and a top to match and Alison has three new pairs of chinos and two tshirts including a Lego Movie Tshirt of Good Cop Bad Cop which she absolutely adores. That amount of clothes anywhere else would have cost an absolute fortune but it was less than £50 and you would never think that to see the quality.

I have now come to the agreement with myself that buying cheap does not have to mean cheaply made items and that maybe it is best to pay a pound or two more for the style and quality that Nutmeg provide. It was such an eye opener for me and I can’t