Alternative and exciting baby shower ideas

Alternative and Exciting Baby Shower Ideas

Throwing a baby shower can be a very special and intimate experience to share with your female friends. For some though, the formulaic nature of baby showers can detract from what should be a unique and memorable event. For expectant mums who fit this category, there are fortunately a number of alternative approaches to baby showers that don’t follow the same beaten path. A few of those are listed here.

The Boy or Girl Baby Shower

Not everyone wants to know straight away whether their baby is a boy or girl. But waiting til the baby shower can be a fun and practical time for the big surprise. After all, it can be difficult to know what gifts to buy when the child’s sex remains a mystery. To carry this out effectively, the baby shower hostess needs to accompany the expectant mum to an ultrasound about a week before the shower is due to happen. The ultrasound technician can then write down the child’s sex on a piece if paper and give it to the shower hostess. With this information, the hostess will know whether to plan an “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a Girl” shower, and the mum will have the surprise of her life come the day of the shower, with gifts that more accurately fit the child’s sex.

Fortune Telling Baby Shower

Every mother hopes that her daughter or son will grow up to be happy and successful, but of course, there is no guarantee. But wouldn’t it be nice to have some idea of what the future holds for your baby? With services such as tarot and clairvoyance, you can. Whether you’re a spiritually minded mum or not, a fortune-telling baby shower could be just the alternative you’ve been looking for. Find a qualified tarot reader either online or in-person and have them attend the baby shower and offer their predictions to the group. It’s a totally unique and exciting approach to the baby shower, and you might just be amazed at what your tarot reader brings up.

Anything But a Cliche

The baby shower is a ritual that remains very popular amongst expectant mums. But however ingrained it might be in the culture of pregnancy, some mums simply do not want their baby shower to be a cliched tradition. Luckily with the ideas listed here, it doesn’t have to be.