Alison’s dream treehouse brought to life #AD

As a child, I always dreamed of having my own treehouse but sadly that wasn’t a possibility but that didn’t mean I didn’t enjoy imagining what it would look like. I was recently asked if Alison would like to plan her own dream treehouse so it could be digitally created for her and allow her imagination to become not quite a reality but a 3D render.

Alison’s Tree House would incorporate all her favourite things. She would have a YouTube filming area with backdrop for her videos.

She would have a large screen TV with computer consoles so when she is not watching YouTube videos she can play games whilst sitting on her comfy sofa that turns into a bed.

One of Alison’s favourite things to do is get creative so she would have an art area where she can make a mess with shelves full of all sorts of art supplies.

She loves sports so she would have a basketball net in the corner and a trampoline built into the floor. She would even have a fridge full of drinks and snacks that would always be full.

Armstrong Supplies took Alison’s drawing and description and created an amazing vision of how her treehouse would look with some added design elements like the stain glass windows which look great.


Seeing Alison’s design become a “virtual” reality makes me really wish we could create this space for her. It also made me really jealous. I would love to be able to visualise my very own treehouse or secret space. I would have a decent sounds system with all smart technology so I can request songs using my voice. I would make sure it is nice and warm as I hate being cold. I would have a super comfy armchair with a footrest like the one Joey had in friends and next to it I would have a fridge full of gin and lemonade. On top of the fridge in easy reach would be a Nespresso machine so I didn’t have to get up to get coffee. I would also have a permanent photo/video area with daylight bulbs so I can take good photos even in the greyest of Manchester days. It would be a no dog and no kid zone and I would have a massive tv so I can watch all my TV shows whilst I work. Do you think I might be getting a bit carried away?

What would you like in your own treehouses? What do you think your kids would like?