No Children Allowed – Creating my Adult Escape

I don’t know about you but my kids think they can touch all of my things. OK, so I own a few pretty awesome geeky items but that doesn’t mean they are allowed to get their grubby paws all over them. Today I saw that Boo, Roo and Tigger Too has a competition running about creating an adult escape and as I fetched my Porg cuddly toy from Elizabeth’s room for what felt like the thousandth time it got me thinking.

Most people would think of an adult escape as somewhere to relax but what I want is somewhere that I can work in peace surrounded by all the geeky objects that I desire. I took at look at the Tiger Sheds site and after much deliberation I selected the Tiger Garden Studio Plus. Not only do I love the size of this particular building but all of those large floor to ceiling windows would be absolutely perfect for providing natural day light to take all the product photos that I need and I could watch the world go buy outside at the same time.

The first thing I would want to do is stain the wood to protect it but also to give it a bit of atmosphere. As the furniture I would use in my Adult Escape would be black then I think a nice light grey stain would look perfect. Something like this maybe.

I don’t want the area to feel to busy so furniture wise I would stick to the basics. A Desk and Chair to work on, a large bookcase to display all of my geeky treasures and then a chaise lounge to have a nap on if I so feel like it (which I do in the afternoons quite often). I would also need a filing cabinet to keep my papers in order and I really couldn’t resist the idea of the Han Solo in carbonite fridge which could hold the milk for my coffee or maybe even a bottle of wine or two.

At the moment I have to restrict my geeky accessories to my desk but with the space that the shelves would give me then I could definitely add to my collection.

I have to say that I may have gone a little overboard when researching what I would put in my adult escape. The light saber coat hooks have to be one of my favourite items along with the TaunTaun Sleeping bag which would be amazing for my naps. I would put the Star Wars mirrors, Harry Potter potions chart and the Fat Lady on the back wall.  I would then display the Fantastic Beasts Magical Congress banner on one of the side walls. I would have the Chewbacca rug under my desk to rest my feet on and put the Groot one near the doors. I would use the R2D2 angle lamp on my desk and put the Star Wars storage boxes on the bookcase.

Obviously every self respecting blogger needs a light box although I don’t have one yet so I needed to add that in and I couldnt choose between the Zelda lamp or the Deathly hallows lamp.

Pulling that list together did make me add a few things to my Christmas wish list such as the R2D2 Coffee press and storage tins and the awesome Ewok mug.

I had loads of fun pulling together this wish list for my special adult escape, what do you think of it? I would invite you to join me but I purposely made it suitable for just one person so there would be no room, sorry.

What would you have in your adult escape and what shed from Tiger Sheds would you use?


ps. How cool would this look outside the door?

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