Why I will never be a millionaire

If I became a millionaire I know exactly what I would do, I would buy a normal sort of house and pay off our families mortgages too. I would ensure that each of my siblings and parents had a roof over their heads that they didn’t need to pay for any more and then I would buy a car outright, book a lovely hot holiday somewhere we could never afford otherwise and put a lot into high interest accounts for the girls so they could get a house, car and go to University without any worries. I would of course donate some money to charities that have helped us.
I would pay of debts for family so everyone could start fresh and then I would continue to live our lives as normally as I could. A Million pounds does not last long if you spend it recklessly but it could make a huge difference to peoples lives if they didn’t have a mortgage or rent to pay.However I will never be a millionaire. I don’t have some amazing ideas what will turn me into the entrepreneur of the century and I can’t see any other way of getting it apart from playing the lotto. Now I always think about playing and although I know the chances of winning are very very small it does still happen. My problem comes about when I forget to buy the tickets. I mean I hardly go into a shop nowadays as I do most of my shopping online so it is just not part of my habit to get a ticket and then I get annoyed at myself because I think of how much money I could have won. Anyway it got me thinking, I do the rest of my shopping online so surely I can play the Lotto UK online and it seems that I am right and it is not just the National Lotto but the Euro Millions and loads of other lotteries too.

With my tickets bought all i need to do is start planning my life as a Millionaire and keep my fingers crossed for that big win.