Songs to make you drive happy!

Isn’t it weird how the cd’s in your car change once you have had children?

Now I spend my days listening to Moshi Monsters, Dora the Explorer, Scream and Shout or Gangham Style. All at the demand of my four year old.

Roll back a couple of years and my car was full of Clutch, Killswitch Engage and Rage against the machine.

How can our music have changed so drastically over such a few years and since when did a four year old become the boss? The problem is that most of the music I listen too contains offensive language so is not suitable for little ears.

I reckon that my favourite music to drive to is Ace of Spades although Hayseed Dixie have some fabulous albums to drive to as well.

We love long journeys when the kids go to sleep and we can finally put our own music on and I have the Team Rock radio station programmed into the car stereo ready for the small amount of driving I do everyday without the children.

Music really does make a difference to how you feel and how fast you drive. Car craft are doing a poll to find out what your favourite song to drive to is. You can find out more on the Carcraft website.

I got an amazon voucher for taking part in this and I might just have to go and spend it on some new music cd’s.