6 Fun Mother’s Day Activities with Toddlers

Mother’s Day is probably right around the corner if you’re reading this. But what fun is there without a child or toddler? Well, any mum can relate despite how old their kids are at the moment! The smiles, the happiness, and the joy of spending time with their mothers are enough to bring you to tears. So, will you be celebrating this Mother’s Day with your toddler child – or perhaps the mum in your life’s kid? If so, you are in luck because you won’t scratch your head trying to figure out fun activities you can indulge in with the younglings. Here are some ideas you might find interesting on six fun Mother’s Day activities you can enjoy with toddlers.

1. Plant Flowers in the Yard

Nothing quite says, “Happy Mother’s Day” like gardening, especially if flowers are involved! Some ample time in your own backyard (or an area you are visiting) is an excellent way to spend time with your kids. From geraniums to sunflowers, marigolds, and nigellas, there are lots of easy-to-grow flowers to pick from. Plus your kids will have early exposure to the amazing beauty of flowers in the process! And better yet, you could buy actual fresh flowers together as a surprise for the special mum in your life. The cute little thing could also learn the importance of Mother’s Day this way.

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2. Go to the Zoo or Aquarium

This mothering Sunday, how about checking out the zoo or aquarium in your local area with your toddler child to see all the interesting things there? Maybe your children will even get to see some animals and wildlife you may not have seen up close before.

3. Craft a Gift for Mommy or Granny Together 

Especially girls, kids can fascinate you with their intelligence at the age of between one and three. Most of them love arts, crafts, and things that jiggle their creativity while having fun. Pick an activity that’s appropriate for your toddler’s age. You’re going to want to make sure your child is safe at the time, so start slowly and explain to them what you are going to do together. From leaf painting to paper cut flowers, and paper plates, there are lots of crafts you can make with a toddler, and some of them befit Mother’s Day. For inspiration, try making a tie-dyed or hand-painted drawing to be an art piece for you (mummy) or your mother (granny).

4. Have Fun in a Local Park 

Maybe your kids will be able to run free for a little while – for just a little while. Plus, what better way to spend the Mother’s Day weekend than playing in the sun with the rest of the family. Here, you can even set up a picnic and enjoy the sun as the kids play nearby.

5. Finger Painting 

Finger painting is an amazing form of sensory play that allows the kids to learn and develop while exploring. They get to experiment with different patterns and colours, which really inspires their creativity. You know how toddlers can be unpredictable sometimes. Just make sure to get paints that won’t be poisonous or cause adverse effects if swallowed. Some tips on how to deal with the mess will also come in handy!

6. Blow Bubbles

This one might require a little more forethought, but it could be one of the fun Mother’s Day activities that are right up your toddler’s alley. Sit down with them and let them blow bubbles (don’t count on it!) or make some for them. Turn on the humidifier in their room and let them blow them themselves. Try making some with the bubbling liquids and some with straight air. While at it, play dough, paintbrushes, and anything with water should be considered.


Whether you want to get your toddler involved in crafts, eat out with mommy, or take a nap, no reason is big enough not to make it a special Mother’s Day for her and you. If you or your mum has toddlers, the above are just a tiny fraction of the many fun Mother’s Day activities you can take up together this Mothering Sunday.