Most Beautiful Places To Take Your Motorhome In The UK

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Not many things in life can live up to the feeling of total freedom while driving off into the sunset. Be it a solo trip or group trip, Motorhomes offer comfort like no other. They are the perfect combination of luxury and fun. The scenic routes, exploring the unknown, and most importantly, visiting places with friends and family all add to the incredible journey experience. However, it can be a tight squeeze if a group of people is travelling together. To avoid any inconvenience, you can get a 4 berth Motorhome.

Once you’ve decided on the means of travel, the next question would be the destination. It can often be quite confusing to choose the destination of your next adventure. This article is going to help speed up that decision. 

Here are some of the most beautiful places in the UK where you can take your Motorhome:

North York Moors National Park, Yorkshire

The North York Moors lie in the heart of Yorkshire, a county in northern England that is commonly referred to as “God’s County”. With breath-taking scenery, gorgeous moorland, and a diverse selection of activities, it offers the perfect experience for an adventurer.

Rowntree Park is perfect for exploring York as it’s just a few minutes’ walk from the city centre. On the way, lies York’s most famous old road, the Shambles. It’s a lovely, topsy-turvy, narrow path with overhanging timber-framed mediaeval houses. Another must-see in the North York Moors National Park is the Sutton Bank, it’s one of the most spectacular inland cliffs in Britain. It’s an extremely steep (25%) hill on the A170 that drops down into York Vale from the park and according to the famed writer James Herriot, it counts as the “finest view” in England. The North York Moors National Park is full of special sites with special qualities– from lovely villages to stately homes, mighty abbeys to enchanting museums, and of course, wonderful food and art. That’s why it’s a treasured landscape, protected for everyone to enjoy.

The Lake District, England

The Lake District is one of the best places to visit in the UK in your Motorhome. It is well-known for its natural beauty with 16 magnificent lakes and tarns. It is home to some of the most beautiful walks and mountain hikes in the UK, as well as the birthplace of Beatrix Potter, the creator of Peter Rabbit. Spend some time cruising up and down Derwentwater, or head to Helvellyn and put your talents to the test on one of the Lakes’ most famous peaks.

Apart from that, you can relax peacefully by the river or visit the bustling towns of Ambleside and Keswick. While some routes in the Lake District are not accessible to large vehicles, this area is generally motorhome friendly.

North Coast 500, Scotland

The North Coast 500 is one of the world’s most magnificent road excursions, covering just over 500 miles (516 to be exact) of stunning coastal scenery, white sand beaches, Rocky Mountains, lonely fishing communities, hidden gems, and a plethora of amazing experiences. It starts and ends at Inverness Castle and leads through Scottish Highlands and their unmatched scenery. The North Coast 500 has a lot to offer– Pass-through ‘Black Isle’, take a romantic trip to Easter Ross, and spend time exploring ‘Sutherland’, Europe’s last great wilderness. Given that wild camping is 100% legal in Scotland, it can also be a relatively budget-friendly trip. This is undoubtedly one road trip that you’d like to come back to time and time again.

The Cornish Riviera, Cornwall

The “Cornish Riviera” refers to the stretch of south Cornwall that runs from Gribbin Head to Black Head and includes St Austell Bay, as well as the communities and

beaches on either side. The stunning beaches of St. Agnes, a beautiful and thriving village on Cornwall’s north coast, make it one of the best places to drive in Cornwall.

Moreover, it is accomodating to almost every vehicle you can imagine. You’ll be able to easily park your Motorhome or camper in a variety of locations. It’s a perfect site for a family holiday outing or a relaxing seaside experience because of its clear waters, sandy coves, hiking trails, and fantastic restaurants. Cornwall is a year-round hotspot for water-sports enthusiasts and British surfing heaven. Aside from surfing, paddle boarding, and bodyboarding, you can visit St. Ives, Falmouth, and Newquay, and even try your hand at being a pirate in Penzance. Cornwall is truly a trip you and your family would remember for a lifetime.

Final Words

These are however just a few of the many amazing places in the UK  where you can take your Motorhome or Campervan. Explore your options and plan your journey right away!