3 Ways to reduce costs for your home decor revamp

With Christmas fast approaching, you may be in a mild panic over where everyone may sleep when they arrive? Do you have enough seating? And if the house is actually ready for guests? Of course, friends and family won’t care if the walls need a lick of paint or if the red wine stain is still on the carpet from the last family get together – bit I know full well it won’t stop you worrying about these things, I do it myself! You don’t have to spend a fortune on brightening up your rooms ready to celebrate with your loved ones. Here are 3 simple things you can do to tidy it up without breaking the bank:

Clever Storage Solutions

Houses can look messy is over-cluttered – If like me you have kids, it will always be over cluttered – teddies everywhere, too many shoes, and not enough coat storage can lead to a hallway that looks like a bomb has gone off. Adding over door coat racks means that extra coats not currently being worn can go upstairs in bedrooms if you don’t have an extra wardrobe for them. Alternatively, you can get some space saver bags for ones not currently being worn which frees up loads of space. Shoes can go under beds or into a shoe rack Teddies can be hung in teddy hammocks on the ceilings to make the bedrooms tidier and stackable boxes can be your new best friend – fill them, pop on a lid and slide under the bed or even in the loft – this can be done to rotate the kid’s toys too.

Throws and new pictures

If you are wanting to redecorate but are short on time or/and money you can very quickly change the look of a room without breaking the bank.
You can grab a new throw cover for the sofa and some new coloured cushions. Change some of the photos around on the walls and add some pot plants. It’s amazing how just a few little touches make a room feel so different. A new lamp and move the furniture around little and you may not need to decorate at all!

Choose DIY shutters over full-service shutter installations

Another way to change the look of the room is by adding shutters to your windows, they give an elegant look and feel to the room. They also help to keep a room warm in the colder months or help to block out the full sun in the summer. Shutters traditionally can be an expensive option, however, that doesn’t have to be the case and there is a way to keep the cost down by choosing the DIY shutters. This may seem a scary thing to suggest but there are so many youtube videos and help around that the cost saved will be worth it, and even if you had to pay a handyman to fit for you it will still be cheaper all around.