Healthy Food Swap Ideas That All Your Family Will Love

I think there may be one thing we all have in common from lockdown – our eating habits changed. Not all of us overindulged, some turned to home exercising and healthy eating, others turned to baking banana bread, making fudge and eating more than we probably should have done considering we weren’t moving as much. Whichever category you fall into – good for you! No judgement here at all – we all focused on a stressful change and getting through one day at a time. I know I had many Zoom calls involving a Gin or two.

With Christmas approaching, you may be thinking about work parties, your LBD or even that sexy Christmas Jumper and then, of course, our minds turn to diet food. Don’t worry, I’m not here to preach a newfound love of all things Vegan and my latest love of lettuce…’ve all been on my pages long enough to know that will NEVER happen. Starting a new diet can be daunting and it isn’t just the diet food that you need to think about, fitting a change in lifestyle into family life and not having the support network in place to succeed is why I have failed so often in the past.

There are a few switches which can be made at home which the whole family can enjoy without mentioning dieting, healthy food or salads.
Don’t believe me? Read on:

Swap deep-fried chips/oven chips for air fried ones

Who doesn’t love chips? They can be eaten with so many different meals or even on their own in a butty – but they aren’t always the healthiest option.
Store purchased oven chips are covered with oils but your own can taste just as nice grab some potatoes and peel (or not if you prefer), cut into wedges or smaller chips and use an air-fryer. These use little to no oil and the chips are just as tasty.

Fakeaway over Takeaway

You may all have a favourite takeaway which can be an occasional treat but they are expensive and full of calories.
Many you can make simply at home yourself – a favourite of ours is Chinese. It is easy to boil some noodles (less than 5 minutes), dice some chicken (or meat/veg of your choosing), cook and add a sauce. Stir-frying is quick, easy and you can create some super tasty meals at a fraction of the cost.

Switch from White to Brown

Wholemeal options are always healthier – you can switch from white bread to wholemeal bread or even 50/50, pasta can be changed to wholemeal as well as rice.

Lower sugar options

This goes for many foods as well as drinks – swap your baked beans for low or no sugar ones – I wonder how long it would take the kids to even notice, especially if they are pilled high on their jacket potatoes and covered in cheese

Swap Full-fat milk for semi-skimmed

Not for babies/toddlers as they need the calcium but for older children/family instead