What’s new on the Coronation street tour?

I don’t actually watch Coronation street but I have really enjoyed visiting the tour and seeing how things work behind the camera to create a tv show.

A few weeks ago I got the chance to go back on the Coronation Street Tour to see what was new and experience some more behind the scenes magic.

The first new area was the interior set of The Kabin. Loaded full of sweets and the latest toys The Kabin was an intricate set with a lot of attention to detail. Showing a working shop but without allowing product placement was always a challenge and you find out the tricks that they used to prevent that from happening.

Out on the cobbles you can also step inside Prima Doner and have a look around, it looks like most other kebab shops to me and I certainly wouldn’t want any of their doner meat for my lunch.
You can also take a peak inside of Websters garage and see all of the tools and trappings that go into a standard garage. I have serious tool envy especially for the Snap On tool chests. Websters garage looks and smells authentic and you can almost imagine they had just popped out for lunch and will be back soon to finish fixing the car.
If you are a fan of Coronation Street or if you want to see how it all works behind the scenes then I definitely recommend going along and checking out the tour especially now the new areas have been opened.