Thule Paramount Backpack

I travel around the country a lot and when going on the train it is pretty much a given that I will take my laptop with me but this means that I have to carry my over night bag, my handbag and a laptop bag. Just before Christmas, I received an email regarding the Thule paramount bag. The Thule Paramount range are stylish full-featured technology transporters. Each backpack has a padded laptop protection compartment where you can access your technology easily when you are on the go. It also has protective padded compartments for your glasses, portable electronics and other fragile items.
Over the last month or so I have been putting the Thule Paramount to the test and it has really stood up to the test. Not only does it fit my laptop, kindle, phone and any other technology I need it to hold but it is also big enough to hold a couple of changes of clothes, toiletries and all the other bits I need with me when on the road.
With so many different pockets to store everything, I am able to go away with just one bag and still have easy access to everything I need. The Thule Paramount looks smart and professional and I have had a lot of compliments on it when on the train and even when going to work meetings.
The easy-access front storage section has lots of handy pockets that mean that you can keep everything neat and easy to find.

The Thule Paramount backpack has changed the way I travel and has made visiting London and staying overnight a lot easier. I even managed to pack overnight items for me and both girls as well as take all of our necessary technology for the train too! I used to take a pull-along suitcase which made it hard to hold on to both girls and travel on the underground but with the brilliant straps on this backpack, I am able to securely attach the backpack and keep hold of both girls making it safer to use public transport and reduced my stress levels loads.