Top tips for your first family ski holiday

We have been on a lot of holidays but we have not yet been on a family ski holiday. Both of my girls would love to go on a family ski holiday so it is something that I am considering for the end of this year which gives me plenty of time to prepare. Preparing for your first family ski holiday is definitely the key to a successful trip so I have been doing lots of research which has helped me to put together this post.

There are so many things that you need to consider for any family holiday but when you are going on a ski holiday the list of things to think about is a lot longer. The cost of a ski holiday is more than just flights and accommodation, you also need to think about lift passes, equipment hire and so much more.

Choose the right resort

There are so many different resorts to choose from that finding the right one can be tricky. When travelling with kids it is a good idea to choose a short haul flight and maybe look at a long weekend or similar. Kids love the snow but too long in a cold climate and it might get a bit much for them. Take a look at the website for a range of ski weekends. Look for a resort with beginner slopes and lots of extra facilities that means that you have something to do when you are not skiing.

Choose the right chalet

If your chalet is too far away from the Piste then the kids will no doubt complain about the walk and when you are carrying all of your equipment. If you can’t get one close enough then look for one with a free shuttle bus. Also, look for one that has a kids club so you can all enjoy your own space and so that the kids have somewhere to go when they are bored of the slopes. Taking your kids with you on a ski holiday is great but they need to also be entertained. Most resorts come with an indoor swimming pool but some also have bowling alleys, craft clubs and loads more. Depending on where you stay you could also get a chalet with a sauna!

Learn before you go

Going on a ski holiday can be very costly, especially when you also have to book ski lessons. Learning to ski before you go will not only save you money whilst on holiday but it will also allow you to make the most of your time there. Chill Factore have a guarantee to Ski offering that allows you to learn to ski within a set period of time or continue lessons for free until you can. There are lots of indoor ski slopes in the UK that you can try but I definitely recommend that you find one with actual snow rather than a dry ski slope. Getting the kids used to wearing all of the equipment and being able to ski will also help to increase their excitement around the holiday as they look forward to putting their new skills to the test. If you do want extra lessons when you are out there then look to book afternoon lessons as most ski schools offer a discount for afternoon lessons.

Hire don’t buy

A lot of people planning their first family ski holiday make the mistake of buying ski outfits for the whole family. After lots of research it seems that it is best to hire them on resort. Buying Ski clothes in the UK could mean that you end up with ill fitting clothes that are the wrong thickness. The resort clothing will be the right type for that area. There is also no point spending a fortune on ski clothing if this is going to be your one and only ski holiday as not every family turns into a ski family. I know we would never sacrifice our hot holidays to spend it on the slopes. If you do want to get a few bits to take with you then look at purchasing these in the summer sales when ski clothing is usually reduced. It is definitely a good idea to get some snow boots and thermal under layers to keep the kids warm off the slopes when they don’t want to wear the full ski clothing.

Get the right socks

This may seem like a silly point to make but wearing the wrong socks can cause complete misery. Ski socks are an actual thing and it isn’t about the thickness. Ski socks are long socks that are not ribbed and don’t fall down your legs leading to discomfort. Getting a blister could put an end to your enjoyment and the wrong socks are the primary cause of blisters.

Choose when to go

Did you know that you can still find ski holidays in spring time? The weather at this time of year is usually warmer and you can have some beautiful sunny days on the slopes. Ski resorts are also quieter at this time of year so could be the perfect time for your first family ski holiday. Different resorts and countries are cheaper at different times so if you can’t head to the slopes during spring then do your research to find the cheapest resort for the time you can travel.

Pack extra items

You do not want to put wet items back on and not all of your items will dry over night so make sure you pack spares for everyone. The most important item to have spares for is ski gloves. No one likes wet gloves and when you are somewhere really cold then it is enough to make the happiest person miserable. Check out this list on what to pack for your family ski holiday.

Choose catered accommodation

The last thing you are going to want to do after a day on the slopes is cook a meal for the family. Look to stay in a catered accommodation so that you can really relax and enjoy your holiday. This could either be a half board hotel or a catered chalet. The catered chalet is a great option as it feels a bit like home from home. If you do choose to cook for yourself bear in mind that supermarkets and shops cost a lot more the closer to the resort you are.

Get fit before you go

There would be nothing worse than paying to go on a ski holiday and then not be able to keep up. Skiing takes a lot of stamina and physical strength. Make sure you get in shape before you go. Check out these 5 exercises to help you to get in shape for skiing.

So there you have it my top tips for your first family ski holiday. Can you think of anything I have forgotten?