S.W.A.K – Super cute kissable collectables

Now this is a product that takes me back to my school day crushes and sending secret messages marked with S.W.A.K or S.W.A.L.K if I really liked them. If you have no idea what I am talking about the S.W.A.K means Sealed with a kiss and S.W.A.L.K is sealed with a loving kiss.

These super cute kissable collectables have just hit the shelves and my girls are already a little bit addicted.

As you can see from the picture above S.W.A.K come in a variety of different styles (12 in series 1) and they each feature kisstech, more on that later.

Inside each box you receive your S.W.A.K keyring, a matching sticker/stamp and a postcard. The Keyrings have a slot at the back so you could place a photo of the person you really want to kiss in the back to display it.

The postcards are a lovely touch so you could write a note to someone special add the sticker/stamp and then pop it all back in its box and gift them with their very own S.W.A.K to keep. This is what Elizabeth did with three of the ones we were sent, she gave them to three of her female friends at school with nice little motivational messages on them.

The Kisstech technology is what makes S.W.A.K really cool. Hold one up to your cheek and it will make a variety of kissing sounds, hold it for longer and each one will play its own special sound. Elizabeth loved experimenting with them to see which sounds each of them made.

As I said there are 12 to collect and they come in a range of colours and styles from a simple gold kiss to a leopard print Prrrfect kiss. We received Unicorn Sparkle Kiss, XO Kiss, Mermaid Sparkle Kiss and Tie-Sye kiss.

Elizabeth definitely recommends S.W.A.K as a cute collectable that makes a great feel-good gift for friends.