Thorpe Park Sharks Hotel

A few weeks ago we went through the belly of the beast to stay at the Thorpe Park Shark Hotel. The setting is fantastic and after checking in with the reception staff you walk through the sharks mouth to make your way to your room.
The attention to detail in the shark and the surrounding area is really good and each of the barriers had this fabulous design on them.
We were lucky enough to have a first floor room facing the lake which gave us a great view out of our porthole.
Thorpe Park describe the rooms as bite-sized and I can’t disagree in fact I was really surprised at how small the room was. However, the room was big enough for the four of us. There wasn’t any spare space to swing a cat but the beds were comfy, there was a toilet and a rain shower and a tv and storage area.
We did have an issue with the heat in the room as we went when it was very very hot. There was aircon in the room but it was so loud that I struggled to sleep with it on and without it on the room very quickly got too warm. However, I put this down to the day we went rather than an everyday occurrence.

The prices for these bite-sized rooms vary but they do include an extra hour in the park with fast track to rides for that hour. It also included a buffet breakfast and evening entertainment and usually two days’ entry to the park.

We have Merlin passes so obviously we wouldn’t need the park access and when I asked we were quoted £20 per person for the night we stayed which if you take into account the breakfast is a really good deal for the location and the extra hour in the park.

We really enjoyed staying on-site at Thorpe Park although I feel the label hotel was a bit of a stretch of the truth however it was a perfectly suitable room in a great location for a great price and it gave us the opportunity to go to the new Angry Birds Land where we got to see the 4D movie, twice!

If you are looking to go as a small family or as a few friends then it is a great way of stretching your fun to two days and filling your belly full of a hearty breakfast at the same time.