Misfit Shine

Has anyone seen the recent Apple iPhone advert focusing on using your phone for everyday fitness training?  Do you remember the woman swimming who removes a small something clasped to her swimsuit and places it on her phone, which then provides a reading of the activity she’s just performed?  Well this is the product she was using to record her progress.  The device is called the Misfit Shine, which is an activity monitor that tracks your progress, whether it be walking, sleeping (I know!) or cycling.

I’m assuming that because of the popularity associated with Apple’s TV adverts then these fitness/activity monitors are going to be the next big thing.  So being featured alongside Apple bodes well for the future of the Misfit Shine, however, I bet you’re thinking “How does it work?”

Just think of the actual device as a way to record activities.  The accompanying app available on iOS and Android is where you’ll be able to see the fruit of your loins.  Here you can set goals for taking steps, running, cycling, swimming, and with two taps of the Shine 12 little LED’s will indicate how much progress you have made towards achieving your goal.  Once you’ve downloaded the app and set a goal, you’ll need to link the Shine to your phone or tablet by placing it on the screen and taping the sync button when prompted.  Unfortunately, the Misfit Shine only works with a handful of phones and tablets (mainly those that have iOS 6.13 or above, Android 4.3 or above and Bluetooth 4.0).  I would highly recommend that you check the website for it’s compatibility list.

The design of the Misfit Shine is something to really marvel at.  It’s very lightweight, which is helpful when wearing it on your wrist, your belt buckle or even attached to your shoelaces.   As far as I’m aware the Shine is the only activity monitor that’s waterproof (unlike others which are water resistant).  Also, the Shine is the only one which doesn’t require charging every few days, as it’s fitted with a small watch battery that lasts for up to 4 months (depending on usage).  Should you need to change the battery then it’s very simple as you are provided with a small tool (almost like a small flathead screw driver), which helps remove the back cover.

If you happen to be looking for your first activity monitor you’ll find that there are plenty to choose from.  Obviously you’ll have a budget in mind and you’ll want something that works with your lifestyle.  The Misfit Shine can be bought for around the £80 mark and has a great app that is user friendly.  I would have no hesitation in recommending the Misfit Shine to any parent who needs to track how much activity they do (or don’t) in order to maintain the fitness, whilst juggling the responsibility of children.